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Herr Mannelig
(The Courting of the Mountain Troll)


One morning ere the sun arose before the birds could sing

A troll she sought out her young man

She sought to snare his soul away with words she falsely sang

With words she falsely sang:


Sir Mannelig, Sir Mannelig, oh will you marry me,

To you I will give my treasure,

My offer is for you to have or you to turn away,

Will you have me, will you say?


To you I would give untamed coursers numbering twelve

In my secret grove among roses

Never have they bourne a man or saddle on their backs

The bit they never have tasted

Sir Mannelig, Sir Mannelig (Chorus)

To you I would give a gleaming hard-forged elvish sword

Of old they hailed it gold-ringer,

However he should fight who bares its shining golden blade 

In sport or war he’s the winner

Sir Mannelig, Sir Mannelig (Chorus)

To you I would give a sterling silver magic wheel 

that grinds out gold from its mill house, 

Never shall you lack a penny while you own this wheel, 

you will have peace and plenty 

Sir Mannelig, Sir Mannelig (Chorus)

Such gifts I would receive from an honest mortal bride, 

if you were a true Christian woman, 

But you are trickster who seeks to claim my soul, 

A spawn of the deep and the devil

Sir Mannelig, Sir Mannelig (Chorus)

The mountain troll then shook, and stamped, and wailed and tore her hair, 

the young man saw through her dark plans, 

she turned her heels, sprang out his door and was not seen again, 

her evil spell was now broken

Sir Mannelig, Sir Mannelig (Chorus)

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