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 Swanhild funeral pyre

The Gothic Narrative

The story of Eormanric and his ill-fated queen, Swanhild, occupies the center of the poem, "Widsith."


The Angle Narrative

King Offa was a loutish boy, thought to be simple-minded, but he proved himself when his father's kingdom was threatened.


The Danish Narrative

Beowulf tells the story himself, about the doomed marriage of Hrothgar's daughter Freawine and Prince Ingeld of the Heathobards.

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Saeferth or Sigeferth holding the door against Garulf

The Fight at Finnsburg

The tragedy of Finn, Hnaef and Hildeburh is told in Beowulf and the heroism of Hnaef's men in another text. It has all of the ingredients of a Northern masterpiece.  

Hild Raising the Slain

The Endless Battle

A woman trapped between a husband and father who would kill each other for eternity.


Briefly Mentioned Tales

Excellent tales that are referred to in passing in "Widsith," including Sceaf and Theodric of Bern.

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