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There is a great ash 

Known as Yggdrasil

High tree sprinkled with white clay

Thence come the dews

That fall upon the glade!

Great Ash you tow’r o’er 

The Well of Fate.

There are three maidens,

They see all that may be

From their well beneath that tree,

Urd is the first the second Verdandi

Skuld is the third, lawmakers they.

They choose the length of life for every child,

For every man destiny say.


Ask veit ek standa,  

heitir Yggdrasill

hár baðmr, ausinn

hvíta auri;

þaðan koma döggvar

þærs í dala falla;

stendr-æ yfir grœnn

Urðar brunni.

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